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Moving Mountains

"You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved." Have you ever read something and felt it was put there just for you? These words clung to my heart as we sat through Josie's 11-hour surgery this past August. They echoed loudly as I watched her suffer through yet another surgical recovery; the sickness, the pain, the heartache. The words followed me through the streets of New York and have since followed me home; reminding me of a greater purpose, insisting that I do more (even when I'm not certain what or how). While I’m waiting to discover my own higher purpose, my prayer for Josie is that she can be a beacon for others who need a glint of hope. While her new muscle grows stronger everyday and we see her smile becoming a reality I can't help but think back to the beginning when I felt hopeless and completely defeated and alone in her diagnosis. All it took was one little seed of hope that our friend Sam planted 6 years ago, that seed is wh…

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