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Surgery 9: Happy Mother's Day

This morning I woke up from the best nights sleep I've had in weeks. Checked a phone full of sweet Mother's Day wishes (one from around the globe, that around the globe part always gets me💗). Walked to a breakfast table full of treasures; kids, flowers, donuts and Dave. What can I say, I'm riding a euphoric high that only comes after a huge dreaded event has passed and intensified by the coincidental timing of Mother's Day.   Surgery Ten years ago a doctor told us that after the age of 9 surgery becomes harder for kids and this surgery definitely proved his point. This was considered an "easy" procedure on all accounts by her doctors, but not for Josie. She has been nervous for this surgery since we came home from New York in March. What she remembers most from her prior surgery (in 2017) was 1. how sick she was after and 2. how much she hated the mask (used for anesthesia). Unfortunately for Josie she takes after her mom and gets sick from anesthesia, EVERY…

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