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My dad always use to say that Sunday's can be the loneliest day, well today I have to agree with him. Josie and I said a very tearful good-bye to Dave, Brooks and Amelia late this afternoon. The past 8 days have been an absolute whirlwind, but bottom line...everything about it was better because we were together. Watching them drive away tonight broke my heart, but this time it also broke Josie's. When their car disappeared we both walked back to our room, climbed into the same bed and finished crying. Nine more days... 

Josie is now sound asleep next to me and well on her way to tackling the week. After I bring everyone up to speed I will be right behind her, but first...updates. My previous post was from last Thursday, Josie was steadily making improvements and Physical Therapy had her starting to walk. Moving forward to Friday, instead of being reminded to walk by her nurse she was asking the nurse to disconnect her from all her lines so that she could go for walks. At one p…

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