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Houston, we have Zinging!

It is with a happy heart that I'm sharing this post...Josie felt her first real "zing" yesterday in school.  For about 2-3 weeks we have been trying to decipher whether Josie's self described "tickles" were actually "zings". Her pain tolerance is so high we questioned what her definition of a "zing" actually is. We've been emailing back and forth with her doctors trying to decide. I had even emailed her doctors this video of myself tapping along her facial nerve to try to help us dissect what was happening.

Well yesterday, cool little Josephine gave us our definitive answer...
She came home from school; she played in the yard, helped me plant garden and then, nonchalantly while she was helping me with dinner told me about her day....

"Mom, today in school I was reading at my desk and I reached up to scratch my ear (points to her left ear) and it hurt (points to her right cheek). Like I kinda wanted to yell "ouch"…

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